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Business & Account Management Software Solutions

located near Denver, Colorado

NetFuzion provides state-of-the-art, technology-driven and highly economical business and account management software solutions that help improve your business's operating efficiency by streamlining processes that reduce costs and increase sales.

We differentiate ourselves in the following ways:

NetFuzion provides our customers with an end-to-end solution including conducting business in the field, doing business on the web and developing & improving the business enterprise in the office.


Netfuzion has successfully provided business software solutions for very large to small-sized companies.

Customers chose NetFuzion because of our knowledge of business, our economical approach to business solutions, our on-time/on-price performance and our dedication to customer service and support.

NETFUZION was founded in 1998 by Rainer Schelp, President and CEO. Rainer is well qualified to lead this emerging company as a result of education and experience. Rainer has a bachelors and masters degree in engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and an executive MBA from Stanford. Rainer has been an executive at a number of major corporations including Honeywell, Allied signal and Loral. He has been involved in business development and operations his entire career.

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NetFuzion creates wireless business and account management software solutions tailored to individual business needs. The software can be designed to compile data, track inventory, record time cards from the field and much more. For more information about our wireless business solutions software,
please contact us today for assistance.


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